Wednesday, June 24, 2009


So I'm in my hotel room hiding away from the blistering daystar and poking around on the internet a bit, and I run into tier 9 announcements. So I naturally start poking for my own tier gear (priest) and to my amazement I see the following:

Those are the tier 9 setbonuses as they are currently set for healing priests. I go huh...

Check out the tier 8 setbonuses:

As you can imagine I hope the tier 9 are somewhat standin setbonuses because they didn't know what to do with them yet, since this would be slightly ridiculous to go backwards in setbonus. Who on earth would even want this? o_O

I can think of many options for setbonuses that make more sence, even for setbonuses that make sense for both holy and disc. They only have to go towards flash heal or something.

But seriously to go from a 2 piece that gives 10% to a 4 piece that gives 5% on the same spell....must be a woopsie on blizz's side..I hope.

Other News.
Been having a great time here, met up with some guildies, and had a good time with them. The wedding that formed the reason for us coming here was yesterday, and was pretty cool. The bride looked gorgeous, and the groom didn't look too bad either (sorry Mandii, gotta poke ;p).

We've got two Cirque du Soleil shows lined up still before we fly back on Saturday, O and Believe from Cris Angel, which should hopefully be cool. The sun is burning hot, but the pool is nearby and all in all it's not too shabby for a holiday. Though I have to say that I'm amazed by the amount of ways people can think of to try and get you to spend money.

Funniest so far was that we were asked if we wanted free tickets for a show. So Thror and I look at eachother, suspicion on our face, and tentatively reply, 'sure.'

The guy takes us into his office, comes with a complete BS story, all we had to do to get the free tickets is take a tour around their resort. But it would cost us nothing, we would be picked up by the bus, and brought back, and it was all really gorgeous. Thor and I shrugged, we had to do something with our time here, so why not.

And then it came...all the guy needed from us was a deposit of 5 dollars. We would definitely get it back though. Thror and I looked at eachother, said no thanks, and walked out of the office. The look on the guy's face was priceless. Literally his mouth dropped and reached the desk.

Oh well, shows once again that we're not unreasonably suspicious, people really are out there to get you.

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  1. Glad you guys could make it! We arrived home safe and sound last night! Picked up the wedding pictures and everything, when I get some time to sort through and see what I like the best i'll send some your way ;)