Wednesday, June 10, 2009

To the experienced

Today something a little less WoW related, and a bit more life related. So if you're only interested in the WoW posts then I can only suggest to go read something somewhere on a different blog, I can advise just clicking through to one of the blogs under Blogilicious on the right.


What the hell is up with people who always think that they're more experienced? What is experience? Doesn't that mean that you've sort of done it before? But how do you get experience, if you never get a chance to get that experience?

And the worst thing, all those so-called experienced people don't believe in giving chances. They don't believe in giving breaks. So all the inexperienced people will stay inexperienced if it were up to these people.

These are the people who avoid risks. These are the people that you really just don't want to work for if you just come out of college, or if you just joined a sport, or in WoW's case, if you just turned 80 on your first character.

They are the cowards that leave it up to the people with more balls to take a chance on the motivated, driven, qualified, but inexperienced person.

They are the weaklings who come in and seduce the experienced people away once those who did give them a chance trained them, and gave them that so desired experience.


So, as you might've guessed by now, I hate those 'experienced' people. You know why? Because they're driving so blindly on experience that they don't see the jewels of the future.

They are those professors that you sometimes see in films. Yaknow, the teachers who carefully look over a group of enthusiastic kids with their hands in the air, and decide that nobody is suitable enough to answer the question.

Such a vicious circle. And you know what, the only way to every break that circle is by giving people without experience chances. Give them a chance in your team. At work, at school, in WoW. Just give them a chance to prove that they can do what the role needs.

So if you're out there, and you're in the position to give others chances. Then please, please do.



  1. I was once in an interview with a IT manager and a HR person. The HR person noted "I see you only have 6 months experience with C++, we usually require 5 years before we consider a candidate for a senior position".

    I replied something like "I learn very quickly and only require a few months before I can program efficiently and elegantly in any language. However, I can give you the name of a number of individuals I worked with before if you prefer to hire a slow learner".

    The HR person was mad but the IT manager burst out laughing.

    I got the job.

  2. Ah the opposing demands of PUGs. People leave if it takes more than ten minutes to fill a raid, but they refuse to take anyone who still needs the raid, except for KT weapons, which they like to reserve.

    That was a good interview.

  3. I totally agree with this rant :). I am always willing to give people a chance. In fact I find I run it to some really good players by just giving somebody a chance that might not otherwise get one because they can't link the achievement (grrrr the one downside to the achievemnt system in my book).

    Recent blog post: Our new raid night was fun until...

  4. "Sure you can come, just link the achievement to show that you've done it..." --- "But this is my alt, i know the fights ive done them on my main" --- "Sorry no achievement cant come"

    Yah that scenario does suck. I also think its stupid when people try to use their achievement to prove that they can do it, when it doesn't mean anything except they were there and the rest of the group carried them (oh you died in the first lightning nova? Here's an achievement for you!)