Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Blog shouldn't be a Sales Site

Feeling slightly better today. Went into work as well to get the last necessities done before I get my time off. And with a nice blanket around me (yeah, even though it's 22C I still felt chilly x_X) I started going through the blogs I normally go through.

Started with a rant from Lady Jess. And yes, I agree, silly weapons. But I guess they just don't find it worth the time too much to go back through content and change weapons and gear for the lower levels :(

Then onto Troll Racials are Overpowered where Klepsacovic has turned from a prot pallie into a ret pallie. Maybe for the wrong reason? I wouldn't have done it for the reasons he gives, but hey...go read it and judge for yourself.

Blessing of Kings
has pics of the maybe new pallie mount. Pretty, but where is my priestly pegasus?

And then I went on to WoWgrrl...

Firstly I got a little pissy with the fact that she was trying to sell the somaniest levelling guide, and that silly thing kept popping up at the bottom as well. After I had clicked that away I didn't even feel like reading the post anymore, so I click the next linkie on my linkbar, and again and again. Turns out the next 15 or so links came from this site, sticking me into some silly thing, while throwing all sorts of adds at me.

By now I was so annoyed with it, that I went to my own blogroll and removed the site from there, and removed it from my reader. I enjoyed reading some of the posts here, but I started to feel more and more dirty every time I had gone there, because of all commercial crap thrown at you as a visitor of the site.

So yeah, I completely understand that people wish to get some money back for the hosting, time spent, etc, and have some adds on their blog for this reason, but this just got out of control in my view. Unfortunately this also wasn't the first time I got annoyed with the adds on this blog. There is a line between blogs and commercial websites, and this site had reached that line.

Luckily there are many good, real blogs out there for us wow addicts, you only have to click on one of the blogilicious pics to just get to some of the coolest blogs out there ^_^


  1. I agree I don't mind blog, or bloggers trying to make a buck, but when it's over the top...come on. Like an annoying commercial, it would probably turn me away from the product.

    Recent blog post: WAR: Do I Get A Bug Mount?

  2. It's not until I reread that from your link that I said to myself "Damn, I sound like a complete loot whore." I didn't go ret for the loot, though I'd be lying if I said it was a non-factor.

    I had briefly tried ads, as in I was going through the setup process and halfway in I was trying to figure out positioning and thinking "If I jam it down here it won't be obnoxious but no one will click it. Wait a minute... am I annoying my readers just for some really tiny bit of money?"