Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Packing a Headache

So yeah, been feeling under the weather all day already. Been staying warm, and took it easy. Also going to have to make it an early night. Which is sorta crappy because of course I had planned to pack suitcase and all that for Las Vegas.

But hey, anything is better than taking this under the weather feeling along with me, so I guess rest today, and packing tomorrow.

Hoping to bring a laptop so that I can post once or twice while there and do a quick update or two. Am looking forward to being there, not so much to the flight though. 5 hour stopover in Cincinnati airport, gosh, I hope they have nice benches to take a nap on or so x_X.

I poked my druid a little bit as well today. Stuck her into a kitten spec and on the dummy I got her up to about 3K dps. Not bad for a character in half greens, eh?

Anyway, she needs some testing in an instance, and I need an early night. And since time can only be split so many ways, the blogpost today is a bit short...oh well.


  1. feel better and have fun at vegas! I'm heading there at the end of july myself. Whenever one of my friends go to vegas, I give him $20 and tell him to place it on red for me. no one has ever come back with $40.

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