Tuesday, June 9, 2009

CC on CC: Is creative time wasted?

One of the posts today at WoW.com wonders if Blizzard is wasting their time by working on things that have nothing to do with the actual content of the game. That if Blizzard wouldn't be working on new druid forms, and on stuff like the Ulduar Bosstiary, would we then all be level 100 or something already.

My immediate reaction to this was that if the Blizzard designers wouldn't be spending time on things around the game, and on how the game looks that the game would no longer be in existence.

I think that one of the reasons that people love this game so much is that it is completely immersive. You can completely lose your sense of time and environment in the game, and just feel like you're in the fantasy world they've created.

Of course there's also the more realistic side to the game that they have to worry about. They have to worry about how to keep all these players busy, how to keep giving them goals in the game so that they will keep enjoying the game.

And it's not only the continuance in the game they have to worry about. We, the players, also become ever more demanding. As we get given new and better things, we want Blizzard to cough up even better content for us to play through.

They finally give us new druid forms, and what do we, the community, do? We complain about how these druid forms look. So instead of being happy with what we get, we're already looking at the next thing that should be made.

For all those designers to keep being creative they need to find inspiration. Inspiration outside of what we know, inspiration that can lead to surprising new things. Because we, the players, aren't going to be satisfied with what we already know. We want more. We want new things, new experiences, a new high every time.

So yes, I think the Blizzard designers should go outside of the game and find their creativity. They should fiddle with things on the side, with story lines, and with things like druid forms. It gives the game the flavor that we've all come to expect from them. The flavor that we all love.

Then again, as one of those very demanding players I do have to ask....Can those same designers please design a few less dailies, and a bit more of the less repetitive content?

Oh to not forget, one bloody mary for Nefernet, who knew instantly where I was yesterday ^_^

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