Saturday, June 20, 2009


So I’m at Cincinnati airport. It’s about 11 pm my own time, and only 5 pm local time. That flight, seriously I thought it would never end, and I swear that the moving flight map told me that we had 8 more hours of travelling to go for about 3 hours. We must’ve been flying backwards or so.

Unfortunately the travel is not finished yet. We’re currently waiting for our connecting flight to Las Vegas, which is scheduled to leave at 20:05 local time, and arrive at 21:13 Las Vegas time…after over 4 hours of flying, gotta love time zones. All in all I feel pretty much halfdead, but hey 10 more hours of travelling to go so I better find something to entertain myself with.

We did manage to check up on the internet this morning at the hotel at Schiphol (btw I can advice CitizenM hotels to anybody, what a great hotel for not a big price at all) and we saw that Blizzard has managed to release all sorts of new information about patch 3.2. the morning we’re about to be without access for 24 or so hours.

What we got this morning still is more changes in the professions, proto drakes might not be leaving, and lots and lots of changes on various classes.

Also an announcement on changes in how the emblem system works seem to be upcoming, all the emblems disappear except for emblems of conquest. Even the dungeons going to emblems of conquest I think (though I did only have time to skim through it).

And then some stuff on how they might make the new raid instance work. All the hard modes into the heroic version of the raid. I do wonder if you can still do them in a different order that way, or if your team is completely stuck if the first hard mode requires a specific 10man setup. We’ll have to see how all of it works out.

I for one still find it a shame that the patch is coming closer and closer, and we still haven’t finished Ulduar. Yoggy still has to die, and our group not raiding for two weeks is not going to help much. Oh well, here’s to hoping we still have time afterwards.

Anyway, gonna close my eyes for a bit, and hope that I won’t sleep through the boarding call. It would be nice to eventually sleep in a bed. Ciao.


So we arrived last night really really later, and I can tell you that travelling for 26 hours in one go is not to be adviced. We got our rooms and sort of crashed for the night.

So far my experiences here: OMG it's frigging hot here! I cannot remember having been anywhere where it was this hot! More later ;)

Oh, apologies for the odd font and stuff, laptop is not doing what I want it to.

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