Thursday, November 25, 2010

I fail at NaBloPoMo

I thought I had it all planned out, one bug per day, how hard could it be...well, apparently quite hard if you forget to post them >_<

So yeah, while I have a list of things still, and more new ones to add now the world has been shattered, I haven't posted them...oh well.


  1. Please keep posting them.
    I keep waiting to see if my favorite bugs will be mentioned.

    * Dying and releasing in ICC and being returned the graveyard ALIVE for the run back.
    * Getting d/c'd in ICC and finding oneself inside the instance entrance instead of where you were when you d/c'd.
    * Warlocks unable to target party members for summon if the party member has participated in a different icc raid before the lockout expired.
    * Coming into a different ICC instance than the rest of your raid. (Watch for arrows on the minimap to make sure you are in the right raid!)
    * Saurfang appearing on the "home" boat during gunship battle
    * Sea creatures can attack players through platforms. Had fish attack us on bridge in Heroic Gundrack, and in Blackfathom Deeps.
    * Unable to do a corpse run into stockades during elemental invasion because city events were suspended.
    * Pilgrim's Bounty chair can be destroyed, resulting in only 4 chairs at a table. "sharing is caring" cannot be completed at that table then.
    * Heroic Culling of Stratholme: Arthas won't start his roleplay running inside the INN right away. Instead he does nothing for 10-20 seconds then "appears" inside without having to walk there first.



  2. Aye, some of those were on the list indeed. I have more though.

    Thinking of making this a weekly thing more than a daily thing :)