Saturday, November 6, 2010

Female Worgen Sillies

Female Worgen Sillies

You'll have to forgive me the video quality...first time. I managed to catch a couple, below the video you can find all of them in text.

Arooooo - I don't really know why we do that..

I love Darnassus, trees everywhere!

For the holiday he tried to give me a bone, no a bone, an ordinary bone....what did you think? .... oh.


At least we don't sssparkly.

Something under your cloak smells heavenly.

Yes, I've tried shaving, it doesn't work trust me.

Hmm....sniffsniff....that's that bacon? hey guys I you smell bacon? bacon, anyone, that's bacon! bacon! Who's got the bacon! Where's the bacon!

Excuse me, could I just ..uhm, sniff your backside for a sec?

I get moody during that time of the month, yaknow with the full moon and all...

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