Friday, November 5, 2010

A Bug A Day - Hop Skip Blueberries!

I'm STILL looking for my polar bear and so I'm running around as a blue berry every day still. Now I have a tendancy to jump on my character (not during figths, bad things happen when you jump during fights!) but when questing or stuff like that, I just jump. (I also like the nelf roll...and yes, I'm silly like that!)

I noticed that when jumping in Hyldnir form you make sort of an extra hop midair. Rather funky to see. When I told Thror he couldn't stop jumping anymore either. Go try it out, maybe it will make you giggle too :)


  1. Another thing about them is that they get their priestly archangel wings on sideways :)

    And I want a polar bear too - stupid dailies!

  2. I like that their mining animation is to crouch down and pull the ore out of the rock, no pick needed.