Monday, November 8, 2010

A Bug A Day - Hunter pets unhealthy?

Upon changing specs on your hunter make sure to wait and heal your pet to full. It looks as if he appears at full health but after shooting your first shot he all of a sudden loses a lot of health. (it looks like all of the health that the hunter stats give to the pet).


- Have pet at full health
- Switching spec from MM to Survival or other way around
- Pet disappears (this is good)
- Call pet
- Pet appears with full health
- Shoot (I was shooting target dummy)
- Pet is back to low health (I saw things like 22%/25%)


  1. Do you see them losing health after zoning out of a dungeon? I have noticed that on live a few times I come out of a random and my pet is at like 20% health.

  2. Haven't noticed that yet, no. But it's very well possible.

  3. I've noticed the low health when leaving a dungeon too. They had same bug way back when they first added the stats to the pet if I recall correctly.