Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Bug A Day - No Wing Flapping For You!

The wings of flying mounts don't flap. You sort of just glide through the air gracefully. I'm not sure whether I actually dislike this bug. I think it's rather nice to not have the constant wing batting sound. And if you really want to see the wings move, just hover a bit. But I'm guessing they will get around to fixing it at some point.

(Thought I managed to get a pretty nice picture above there by the way, all color coordinated!)


  1. I like it when they glide a bit, makes it feel like we've reached a thermal and can relax a bit. Which is of course the perfect time for the gargoyles to arrive.

  2. Lol sometimes my mount doesn't really glide it just looks like a static character model being moved through 3-D space kinda like playing with an action figure and pretending to "fly" it around. Sometimes this happens to my actually player character but its not really static it just looks like I'm moving in another plane or something... its weird but funny to look at