Thursday, November 4, 2010

Archaeology not giving any advantages?

Archaeology has constantly been portrayed as a profession that would not influence the progression, raiding, you didn't need the profession to get to the endgame, etc.

However, it will give you the easiest to get epic weapons as a kickstart. Blizzard...this seems a bit double, don't you think?

Staff of Sorcerer-Thane Thaurissan

I don't know about you guys out there, but I'm going to feel like I have to level this profession, and fast too :(


  1. I agree that its a double-standard, and that for the first tier of content most people will probably be leveling their archeology for the Account-bound weapons - especially since they are mostly exact copies of the raid weapons.

    Reclaimed Askhandi, Greatsword of the Brotherhood has the same stats but 30 less strength then the Archeology weapon for some reason - probably a bug, since none of the other weapons do the same thing.

    I can definitely see that in the first tier of content, most weapons go to offspec or shard because everyone's gone out and gotten their archeology weapons while doing the dungeon/heroic dungeon content.

  2. I have tried Archeology on the beta. Trust me, if you think these items are easy to get, then you're wrong. You'll spend hours and hours and hours and hours to get to a decent level in archeology even before you have a chance to get these items. Unless you're going to raid like once every month, you'll likely get raid weapons way before you discover the archeology weapons.

    You don't level archeology like you did mining or herbalism, you don't run from node to node. You'll always have 4 (FOUR) digsite's per continent of which likely 2 are on the complete opposite side resulting in many hours of flight time. Expect to gain 1 point of skill per 15-20min if you really go for it (and I didn't even level far enough to know for sure every dig would still result in a point gain). Now make your calculations about how quick this will be.

  3. I tried Archaeology on beta too, and the big advantage it has over raiding is that I can do it for hours on end without needing a group.

    Unless they changed it I was at skill level 75ish in about half an hour, and yes, I know it slows down later on. But as said, this is something that doesn't require 9 other people. Let alone 9 other people who are geared and ready for raids.