Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Speed, stam or more damage?

I'm playing with a little worgen warrior on the beta and I just completed the spirit binding. It's a quest...well...I won't spoil all the surprises. Suffice to know that at the end of it you can choose between 3 permanent buffs that will be up whenever you're in darkshore afterwards.

Increased movement speed by 10% (elk), Increased damage (cat), or increased health (bear). I cannot possibly imagine chosing anything but the speed increase since that's the only one that will benefit me at later levels.

But wouldn't it be an interesting choice to make for your character at creation stage? Imagine that you could chose between 10% movement speed increase, 1% more health, or 1% more damage...all the time.

Which one would you pick?


  1. As long as the 10% speed stacked with boot enchants/talents i would always go with the speed. Less time running means im less likely to miss a heal.
    Sorry for the anon profile i cant seem to post under a profile i make.

  2. Easy .. speed, as it leads to, effectively, the other two anyway.

  3. Like anon said, run speed, given it stacks with enchants/talents.

    1% dps, otherwise.