Friday, October 22, 2010

10 mustknows for Cataclysm

I just healed a dungeon on beta as disc (lvl 85, fully heroic gear). and it's hard. And yes, I ended up with a group of idiots that had a tank that pulled a boss while he was at half health, and where only one of the dps listened when I asked them to please eat up after pulls. 

They're now stuck having to find a different healer. And I'm gonna have to see if holy is equally painstalkingly tiringly hard as disc. 

And oh...yes, it might just become harder to find healers than tanks. I know that my queuing on the healers that I have on beta is instaqueue almost every time, and on the druid tank I've had to wait several times. (but hey, that might be my timezone).

Behind the cut 10 pieces of advice on how not to behave around your healer....or you might just have to wait in queue again to find another. 

1) If you are not at full health after a pull, sit the fuck down and eat! Don't be the ass who waits for the poor healer to drink, heal you up, and drink again.

2) Tanks, if you're one of those idiots who pulls when they're at half health, switch class now. You will have healers falling over you everywhere and we will make your life hell..... even if I have to personally take care of it.

3) If you're assigned CC, get your butt into gear and CC! It is immensely hard to keep the group up while everything goes haywire. Just do your job, CC is part of your job from now on. Deal with it.

4) It will be more important than ever to have your gear as good as it can be. There is no more carrying, everybody has to pull their weight.

5) Do not queue for something you're not ready for. Yes, you may think your gear is ready, but if you're not, then please just don't.

6) DPS, you're thirteen in a dozen, do not expect the group to keep you if you keep playing the puller. The tank pulls, not the hunter or the warlock or whoever thinks they're a friggin hero.

7) If you stand in shit, expect to die. Healers will be having a hard enough time without you being stupid and stand in stuff you can avoid. Don't be that stupid.

8) Familiarize yourself with other spell effects. If the healer throws out a sanctuary, healing rain, power word: barrier or efflorescence don't run out of it screaming like a little girl with its pants on fire. The healers will know who was the noob who stepped out of the healing spell. 

9) If you do not have 2 hours of free time to actually finish a dungeon, don't be the dungbat who has to leave halfway through, just don't queue. Go questing or something.

10) Your healer is your god. Worship your god. Bring the god potions and drinks. Give the god a present every now and then and the god will reward you with life. Or at least respect that the healer needs more time after a pull to get ready for the next one. Forget one of the above 9 and well, you might just not enjoy running dungeons too much.

10a) Yes, an addendum. If you want to be god, be a healer. Just be prepared for hard times, cause it's just about the hardest job in there. And while the dps is having fun and laughing their way through that cool CC ability, the healer is giving blood, sweat, and tears in the background to keep the group going.


Maybe I should just go shadow and join the dpslol. Then again....Cata is coming and healers really are gods. I will be a god. I think I like that.


  1. Lol, I see pugging in Cata will suck more than it currently does...being that most people (dps) will not be able to cope with the idea of having to CC targets and pay attention to their surroundings at the same time

  2. I think my husband thinks I'm crazy for not wanting to heal pugs without him, but I know he's sitting right next to me (so I can talk out loud to him) and will pay more attention to when I need to stop for mana. He's really good at being able to adapt his tanking speed to my healing ability.

    If only more tanks truly cared about their healers that much.