Friday, October 15, 2010

Blizzard Luuuurves the Ugly!

With the patch in I have, of course, been prodding my new priest abilities. But since I'm in beta I've already played quite a bit with the priest and I figured it was time my other characters got some playtime. So I logged in the hunter and specced, glyphed, etc.

Ready to go, right? Wrong.

As a hunter you have to go tame a million pets now since you're expected to bring whichever buff the raid doesn't have. One of my guildies posted a flow chart from EJ forums, so I've been going down the list on which pets I should have.

As you imagine my first priority was to get a Corehound.

So I went to Petopia and find which models are available. Now...I don't like Corehounds. I find them clunky and noisy and I prefer a sleeker pet, but hey, heroism is pretty so I'd better make sure I have one, right? to UBRS to tame The Beast. Why? Well, because at least this corehound has a quirk, it keeps the boss symbol after it's tamed. Took me a couple of tries (tip: go stand behind the haystacks in the corner) but I manage to tame him, and Sparky is born.

Yes, I named him Sparky. Not because I love the name so much, but with this name I'll remember which ability this pet has. In fact I have worked out a whole naming scheme for my pets to remember which ability they bring.

Sparky - Corehound for more spark (heroism), Stamelientje - Silithid for more health, MoeMagic - Wind Serpent for more magical damage, LoeArmor - Raptor for...well, you get my drift.

So I go down the flowchart and see that the next pet I would be using would be a shale spider. Back to Petopia. shale spiders in the game yet., find picture.


A shale spider turns out to be a combination between an elemental and a spider. I have no idea where my hunter picked up the ability to tame elementals (maybe a shaman rubbed off on her), but my gosh that spidery thing is ugly.

So I go to the next in the list, right, Silithid. the three most important pets as a BM hunter are 3 ugly pets? Man...the main reason I'm BM is because of the gorgeous spirit kitties. Why can one of those not do something special?

But noooo...Blizzard has to decide that the ugly pets get important roles. Sort of like the teacher chosing the ugly kids for big roles in schoolplays and stuff. Why? I guess because the designers felt sorry for them, well boohoo!

I want my gorgeous Saga kitty to do something special dangit! But all she does is heal someone or aaaaal the way down the list she roars.

Then again...can we be surprised? I'm not to be honest. Blizzard loves ugly it seems. Horde for example is definitely gaining by this whole Cataclysm thing. If you see how much teritory they win and how much Alliance loses...

And yar, I find Horde ugly. Except for maybe the bloodelves, but who would want to play a dopesnorting, arrogant, too short-eared...well you get my drift.

But it got me thinking, from the Alliance side of things it seems as if Blizzard really does prefer the uglies. Horde even gets their own Battlecry! For the Horde!

And what does Alliance get?....


Yes, nothing.

They get Thrall, the cool dude. We get Jaina..who used to be cool, but Arthas turned her into some blubbering pile of crying. Sniffsniff oh Arthas..pull yourself together missy.

*grumblegrumble* I guess I'll have to comfort myself with the fact that at least I can solo as my pretty nightelven huntery self with my gorgeous kitty and laugh at every ugly orc hunter coming by.

(Turns the rant off and wanders back into the hopefully restarted servers to tame yet another, ugly but oh so useful pet)


  1. It's nice that hunters can now have a *range* of pets, instead of the standard wolf, but it's a shame the abilities are not more widespread.

    Also the Horde aren't ugly! Cows are beautiful!

  2. Hmm...maybe. They might indeed be the one decent race on the horde side...and then only the druids perhaps. And of course the holy cows come Cata.

  3. Tauren are the only race with Hunters, Druids, Paladins and Shaman. That's enough to make 'em my favorite. Their general attitude and philosophy is great, too; less "kill, plunder, rarr!", more introspection and protection.


    On topic, I wholly agree. My Hunter goes and tames things that look great or have fun quirks. Making the ugly ones into superbuffs is annoying.