Saturday, October 23, 2010

Healers Unite

I call to all healers out there!

When you come into a pug group and you find someone ignoring the mustknows for Cataclysm.

So basically when others are being asses, completely disrespectful of the healer role (or even the tank). Leave. 

Let them know why and leave. Just let them deal with having to find a different healer and overthink their sins. We bring the light and everything that is holy, they should respect us lifegivers!

Let us get back a little power.

Don't just ramble at the back, scrambling to get your loot because the rest has moved on already. Just leave.

Time for us to become Diva's again. We deserve that respect. We have one of the harder roles in that group and if dps or tank goes dumb just let them deal with the consequences.

Don't torture yourself, and lets stop sacrificing ourselves! We are worthy as much of having fun during a run as the dps is, and if they decide to spoil it...well....leave.

(Of course when there's only one that is being a dick you can also kick.)


  1. I diva'd out of a run recently, when the tank pulled the entire cathedral - I offered "perhaps you've not tanked this before" quite prepared to run back , and rez and have a real shot after a breif explanation " I did it for the Lulz.. " /leave party. 30 min debuff. being a Diva can be inconvenient :(

  2. Yeah, I know, there should be ways to not get this debuff if it's really not your fault. I normally try to explain, I try to ask, but seriously if people just don't want to listen then what are you to do?

  3. Oh, and on top...imagine having been stuck in that dungeon for 30 minutes instead?