Thursday, November 12, 2009

Anub'Arak: Heroic Mode

In this small series of descriptions on fights in Trial of the Grand Crusader I will assume that you know how to do the fight on normal so I will go through them really rather quickly. I'll deal with all 5 fights separately, this is the third one.

There are more than one way to do this, in our 10man we have used both methods, and depending on your group comp, and how good people are with the kiting you can use either.
I will describe both methods, but we found that tactic 1 worked best for us. We have 2 very strong healers, allowing us to bring another person as dps. Meaning our dps is pretty high. If you have less strong healers, and you need 3, I can imagine that tactic 2 works better.

Tactic 1 - 1 burrow phase

Group Comp
  • 2 tanks
  • 2 healers
  • 6 dps
Phase 1
  • Tank 1 grabs Anub and starts tanking, dps attacks Anub
  • Assign ranged dps to pull down frost orbs
  • Best is to spread out the frost orbs on the sides, and definitely make sure they do not overlap
  • First set of adds comes in, tank 2 picks them up and puts them on a frost patch
  • Tank 1 pulls Anub to the same frost patch, this way you can pick up some damage on Anub while you kill the first set of adds
  • Make sure to interrupt Shadow Strike

    TIP: If you have a pallie tank, have the pallie tank the adds, they can use holy wrath to interrupt both adds at the same time, and your dps won't have to worry about it. If you tank him in melee range, a ret pallie can also do the trick, but good communication is very important.
    Uninterrupted shadow strike is a guaranteed 2 deaths.

  • Don't focus-dps the second set of adds, but do make sure to tank them behind Anub so they take a bit of damage already
  • Here comes the tricky part: dps until Anub has less than 60% of life left. We got him to about 50% before the first burrow phase. Use heroism if you have to, on hard mode the burrow phases are the hardest, not the lifeleech phases. 
  • Tank 1 pulls Anub away from the Ice patch he is tanked on so that he won't break it immediately in phase 2
Phase 2
  • Anub goes under
  • Stack up
  • Kill the second set of adds
  • Kill the scarabs (really important, way too much random damage otherwise)
  • Run
  • Remember you only have 6 frost patches, so wherever he is...everybody not being currently followed should be as far away as possible so that he has the longest path to take before he hits another frost patch.
Back to phase 1 and straight into phase 3
  • Let whatever adds come out burrow
  • Remember, adds keep spawning so you only have limited time before your offtank dies, not to mention that he will keep lifeleeching
  • Don't overheal since you don't want him to drain too much life, the less health is in your healthbar the less 20% from your health is.
  • Dps him down
  • Throw shoes if you have to..
Tactic 2 - 2 burrow phases

Group Comp
  • 3 healers
  • 2 tanks
  • 5 dps

Phase 1
  • Same as for tactic 1, except that you want to pull down no more than 4 frost orbs
Phase 2
  • You will have a burrow phase twice with this tactic
  • It means you will need less dps, but you will do more running
  • Awareness needs to be much better, because it is really important for everybody to be on the oposite side of where the person he is following is going
  • The reason you only pulled 4 frost patches down is that you don't want to accidentally have one in the way while you're running to the other side of the room, and have him hit a patch early
  • Put the most distance in between Anub and whomever he will follow
  • 2 burrow phases, so only 3 patches to use per phase 
  • Rinse and repeat phase 1 and phase 2 then to phase 3
Phase 3
  • Burst, blow heroism, throw all you have. Chances are good you've lost people during one of the burrow phases so you will need all you have. 
  • Save your cooldowns for this phase
  • Don't overheal since you don't want him to drain too much life, the less health is in your healthbar the less 20% from your health is.
General Tips
  • Feign Death from Hunters stops Anub from following you, and he will switch targets
  • Drums of speed will allow you to run away from him faster
  • Hand of Protection will buy you time, however as soon as it falls off he will still be on you so you do need to find a frost patch
  • Vanish from Rogues works like Feign Death and if you use it he will stop following and switch targets
  • Iceblock from mages, see Vanish and Feign Death
  • Warlocks can use their teleport to kite him around better
  • Warriors can perhaps use intervene to move around faster
Differences with normal
  • You get a total of 6 orbs. No more no less.
  • The adds have a shadow step type of move that one shots everybody but the tank, cast time 8 seconds, interruptable (shadow strike)
  • Every time you would normally get 1 add you now get two
  • Adds keep spawning in phase 3
  • Health leeched in phase 3 is 20% (up from 10%)


  1. Shoes ;)

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