Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I am looking forward to...

Yay, a little game. Instead of criticizing I figured I would actually start a positive thinking thing here today. Cause today we'll all mention something else that we actually look forward to in patch 3.3.


Uhm...yeah, sorry, influenced by trade chat >_<

So yes, the sentence to start with is "I look forward to...." and then you fill it up.

I'll start.

I look forward to being able to use meeting stones without level constraints.

Your turn ^_^


  1. I look forward to the culmination of the Lich King storyline, and the final meeting with Arthas.

  2. I'm looking forward to doing competative DPS as a shadow priest.

    I'm looking forward to a more intresting end-game raid.

    Can I have two? Is that cheating?

    Gobble gobble.

  3. I look forward to the new quest helper. I'm tired of wandering all over creation wondering when they "north" do they mean Nothrend or a two second ride away.

  4. Oh! the shadow priest stuff...I'm all prepared already. Most of the gear I've gotten in the past couple of weeks has gotten haste gems already (didn't want to gem twice) and I'm up to 713 haste rating, 21.74%, and that's without haste trinkets.

    Haste makes casting so much more fun, and finally it's worth getting, woot!

    Recent blog:=- I am looking forward to...

  5. I look forward to the new Misdirection.