Monday, November 23, 2009

The worst achievement ever

Seriously Blizz....Turkey Hunter. 250 odd turkeys dead, 39 stacks at least twice, and not enough turkeys around for the people who need to kill them. If you guys had actually wanted to make this not as frustrating as it is now....there are 4 starting zones.

You want people to become frustrated with your game? Do this sort of stuff.

Goodnight and thanks for the fish.


  1. I agree. It's pretty dumb to make an achievement that doesn't just put us in direct competition, but also sets it up so that we cannot even get it slowly but surely. It would be one thing to kill 40 turkeys and get them here and there over time. Or maybe if it was a more reasonable number like 20 or even 30.

    My suggestion is NOT persistence, but instead to give up quickly. No really. Don't try to race people. Let them shoot theirs and get out of your way. If you have competition and you're not almost done, go play an alt for a bit, find a more deserted area, but don't do anything that will make them less likely to finish, because then they're going to still be shooting your turkeys.

    I got mine by going off table-sitting for a while, racing my way through Teldrassil, IF, and SW and killing a particularly unskilled dorf paladin who got overly eager for a fight. I came back and found that the area near the Bulwark was nearly empty and got the achievement pretty quickly.

    Good luck!

  2. I agree with you. And then the apologists over at claim there are "plenty to go around". Well, maybe at 3am when no one is playing. But all it takes is one other player and then it's over.

    BTW, you've done better than me. I've never got over 15.

  3. I've had a lot of people say that Tirisfal is better on our server, Shy, as there's less horde than alliance and just as many turkeys. It also heliped to have a spotter, someone looking for the next turkey while you wait to pop the turkey you're at, watching your timer. I helped Lrony doing that, it took just one try. This, of course, after I'd done it the hard way myself .. blech ..

  4. Ton's of people have done the quest. Quit Crying people like you make this game horrible asking for nerfs on the most simplest things. >:o

  5. Who was asking for nerfs?

    It took me a total of 4 hours or so to do this. I spend less time in ToGC10....that to me says...hey, something might be out of whack a little.

    Recent blog:=- Just for you Cele!

  6. I did this on both my mage and my druid.. not much a of a problem in Elwynn really. Epic mount did not hurt.