Friday, November 27, 2009

My Xmas wishlist for WoW

When I was walking around in the city center here yesterday most of the shopping windows had started to fill up with Christmas stuff already. Trees with lights, candles everywhere, and even the street decoration was being put up.Some of my raiders started talking about putting the trees up in their homes already.

I love Christmas, a lot, but I have to say that this is a bit early for my taste. But then I got thinking. Maybe if I stick my wishlist up early enough this year, Blizz Santa will listen to me and give me some of my WoW wishes! (hey, one can dream, right?)

Dear Blizzard Santa,

I know you will want to know if I have been good this year, and I promise I haven't. I have eaten all my fish feasts veggies and fruit, every day.And I have done my dailies loyally (though really, I just cannot get myself to do the argent tournament dailies anymore by now, but surely you understand that yourself, Santa?).

I have finished my Wintersaber, and those kittylovers love me as well now. This must count for something, Santa...or it should at least! 

I've done all of the quests that you..uhm they designed, and I'm even doing them again on some other character now. Just as you've been wanting me to do. I've cleared all your raid instances, and am eagerly awaiting the new one, just as your plan has been. 

But I have some thing to ask of you Santa, so maybe, if you too decide that I have been good, can you perhaps take a look at this list and uhm..make one or two things happen? Please?

Love Shy~

  1. Can there please be some cloth gear with crit/mp5 in Icecrown?

    Well...maybe I won't need lots, but a bit would be nice. As a disc priest I just can't help but look at all that cloth gear with spirit and go :( And if you've been reading here for a while you know my opinion on haste for disc priests by now..

  2. Can I have 1 gearset that is usable (and effective) in all my specs?

    Shadow priests will love haste in 3.3. Goodie...the problem is that my disc gear hates haste. So this means that instead of just having to find some pieces with hit to switch in when I swap specs, I will have to carry once again a complete set of gear around.

    And I already don't like hit (it's the exact reason why healers have a really hard time doing any dps, or even offensive dispelling can miss), but this just makes me sad. So here's to hoping that in Cataclysm you can go out with just the one gearset and with a spec change you can still wear the same gear.

  3. If number 2 won't work, then can I haz a soulbound items bag?

    If there would be an extendible bag, like the keyring bag I would never have to worry about soulbound items again. Now my bank fills up, the bags I have on me are filled up, and it all leaves little room for picking up loot. I know people who have gathered all of their tier sets and still carry them in their banks, there must be a better way for this.

  4. The little wishes count too: if I learn an account bound item, remove it from my bag

    If I've learned the item it might as well disappear from my bags, right? Especially when I get a new one of this item every time I create a new character on that account anyways. This only makes me feel like I should juggle these items around, because it gives me the feeling that these items might one day not show up anymore when I create a new character.

  5. Can we haz real mohawks for nelfs as well, please?

    I love the joke that has been put in with the nightelf mohawk grenades, but all too often a joke in the game like this means that it will never happen seriously anymore. And every since the day I've seen the troll hairdo's my nightelf has been wanting a mohawk. They're long distance family anyways, why wouldn't I be allowed to wear my hair like that!

  6. I would like haste to work on Weakened Soul far as a disc healer I think haste is sort of useless. I get so much from my spec that I don't really need it on gear. Especially since all it does for me is eat up my mana. But! if I could cast shields more that would be worth getting haste for, yessirree, Shy would be stacking haste like there's no tomorrow.

  7. Gimme a challenge!

    Like a real challenge, not some stupid turkinator challenge. No something long and hard and very, very rewarding at the end. But it should take all through Cataclysm. Like a follow up questline, with a reward that goes up per big patch or so, yeah!

  8. An auctioning system like Auctioneer offers

    I don't like addons, I really don't. But some stuff this game just doesn't provide build in. And I swear I quit using gear addons since your equipment manager went in, I stopped using questlog addons since you improved that, so if you would just make it so that you won't be selling at a loss in the AH without an addon, that would be sweet.
That's it for the moment Santa, but I might be back with more later....



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  1. Cool ideas, I would be happy with wish 2 on the list!