Monday, September 14, 2009

Monday Morning

It's Monday again. Had a 3 day weekend, and spent it doing....well, not much useful stuff. I was nice and lazy and played a lot of WoW ^_^

- 10s: We killed the entire instance easily, then switched to hard mode. In hard mode we took down the first 3 bosses, and got stuck on Twins. Not so much because we can't do that one, but more because we were running out of time. But wow do those orbs do a lot of damage >_<

We also did Freya - Knock x3 which went amazingly well. In fact, it went so well that we not only got Knock x3, but we also got Conspeedatory at the same time for some people who didn't have it yet. Guess we did the whole place, including Freya in under 20 minutes, not bad.

- 25s: We cleared ToC25. It was such a satisfactory moment that Anub went down, especially since we had seen him at like 2% 3 times already. I think everybody cheered on vent.

I have to admit, this guy is a lot harder on 25 then on 10. Funny how some fights remain easier on 10 and others are just a lot harder when you have less people.

- Loremaster: 501/700 in Kalimdor. I'll get there one day, but boy do they have you flying all over the place >_<

- Wintersaber: 1525 rep away from revered. Doing a little bit each day prevents me from going insane. And I will get a wintersaber cat.

- Quel'Dorei Pony: I got my pony! It's pretty and white, and woah now I have to get even more tokens to finally get that tabard. But I got my pony!

- Warlock Alt: I also finally got into the flow of killing stuff on my warlock. Guess the thought of race changes coming in so that my gnomie can finally grow up to become a humie has something to do with that...Or maybe those two heirloom items and the epic flying I got her helps? It certainly makes it go a lot faster. She is now 73.

Also, why on earth does Demonology exist? o_O I can't even imagine that being a good tree for PVP. I mean taunt in your demon form? Why? Seriously, why?

Levelling in Affliction, which really makes me wonder why all the raiding locks are destruction. I guess they feel they do more dps? I wonder though, I'd already decided to become an affliction lock since I created a pre-made one on the PTR and scored close to 4K dps without glyphs or proper enchants.

- Troll Shammie: My Dranei shammie is now a troll shammie, she has gorgeous pink braids. I should somehow find the time to go see those horde quests in Northrend. After all this is the entire reason I changed her to horde side.

First impression is that the horde starting hold in Borean is redonkulously confuzzling (see Eternal, I used the word!). You arrive on the Zeppelin somewhere at the top, get told to speak to someone at the south side, but I am completely confused on how to get there. Did run into other quests on the way so started doing them a little. They get to ride Kodos straight in their Northrend starting area, my Alliance characters were all jealous.

So yeah, haven't been blogging much, but wow, have I enjoyed myself in game ^_^


  1. heyas:)

    Troll shaman! good choice;)

    I got one question: is the queldorei pony the white-unicorn-mount?

  2. Yupyup, officially called Quel'Dorei Steed I think. But it's my pony ^_^

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  3. Ah yes, the Horde starter in Borean Tundra. Took me a while to figure that one out too. To get to the flight point from the zeppelin, start going down the stairs and you'll see this random little entryway about halfway down the stairs, you want to go in there and then up and a ramp and elevator...

    Took me aaaaaaages to figure that out...

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  4. I have to admit...i might play horde, but i wanted this mount...:( instead I could have a plated chicken-.-
    NO thanks.

    I have my red proto, thats enough for a mout:)
    And one day left till i get my ravasaur mount :*

  5. I think one of the reasons people like Destruction over Affliction is because oftentimes you feel more useful as Destro. A lot of times with trash you'll start putting up dots and things will die before they have a chance to tick much. The only time you really get to shine is on bosses. Even then, Destro often surpasses Affliction dps.

    Affliction is pretty darn fun though.

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  6. Troll shaman? You do well.

  7. Being an ex-hordie, The starting zone, Vengeance Landing much easier, and fun I think.

    Troll Blah, being a orc is where it's at. ZUG ZUG