Thursday, September 17, 2009

Work in Progress and a little Blog Love

Been working on a new blog layout yesterday. Needs a few tweaks still, but it's getting there. Same feel different colors. I enjoy fiddling with that sort of stuff every now and then, but it is quite a bit of work. Been blogging since April now though, I know that I'm not going away anymore, so it'll be worth the time to get it right ^_^.

But with that in mind it could happen that my blog is down somewhere this weekend. I'm scared shitless that I lose a post, or worse, one of the reader comments. So I've been working on getting everything backed up.

I also should get an about page setup (the new layout will have a real menu with home links and everything! \o/) Anybody any idea how I make about pages? The only thing I've come up with so far is created a post, and link through to that. ( I say this I might have a different way as well, we'll see)

Anyway, I figured I would give out some blog love, since I haven't gotten round to posting something too constructive myself:
  • Righteous Orbs has discovered a conspiracy (well, it's a good read anyway)
  • Discover some of Jong's Wisdom, it's not too often he displays it :p
  • Mikato from Resto-Melee is working on an RP blog, looking forward to reading some
  • The explanation why quite a few gamers stay single (tip! good way to start your day)

  • And finally a non-wow related blog I've been following for a while now. She writes about travelling, and this month she's been writing on a 30ways in 30days thing. At first I got interested in this blog by her starting posts. She quit her job and she and her husband went travelling and working while doing so. She gives out all handy sorts of tips, so if you one day plan to do such a thing, go check it out.

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    1. Don't forget about google reader. I lost a post one time and I was able to get it back (with user's comments) and I was able to copy and paste it back to my blog using google reader.

      Looking forward to the new look. 8-)

      Recent blog:=- Lawl