Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Coliseum for Dummies: Twin Valkyrs

We did Twin Valkys last weekend in our 10, unfortunately faction champions proved an obstacle in our 25s, and so we skipped out of the rest of ToC and almost full cleared Ulduar with that group instead.

Tactics for the 25 are the same however, and from what I understood from the guild group who did get champions down on 25 they're as much of a pushover in 25s, as they are in 10s.

  • Divide into 2 groups, each with a tank and healer(s)
  • Group 1 stand at white portal, group 2 stand at black portal
  • Click. Group 1 will have white circles underneath their feat, group 2 black circles
  • Attack the Valkyr of the opposite color, next to the portal they are flying at
  • Grab orbs of your color circle, avoid orbs of the opposite color
  • When the vortex thing in the middle comes up, everybody should be the color of the vortex, so click on a portal to take that color (if you're already the right color you don't have to do anything)
  • When a valkyr shields herself everybody (except tank and healer(s) of the other valkyr) needs to switch to the color of that valkyr and attack to get the shield down
  • Rinse and repeat
Special tip: pick up manymany orbs, it's a lot of fun and you get to zoom around like a mad man. At 100 you get a special buff.
This really is a fun fight, and on normal not hard at all. A relief after champions actually. Enjoy!

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  1. Its pretty much exactly the same on 25. We actually beat them with 23 people because by the time we got the faction champions down it was getting fairly late for some of our East Coasters. Think it only took us two tries. (Some people hadn't seen the fight on 10 yet and we had too many people calling out colour switches at first lol)

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