Thursday, September 17, 2009

My Bullet Points are lost!

As you can see the new layout is in. I didn't lose any posts, nor any comments.

But I somehow can't seem to find my bullet points back o_O

They were nice and round, and I used lots of them.

If anybody happens to run into them let me know, because it would save me quite a bit of searching for them in the CSS.

Not entirely ready, buttuhm, whatdayathink?


  1. I liked the old layout. Also, the scary face keeps following me when I scroll. HELP!

  2. I'm with Klep, scary face AHHH!

  3. It's just a shadow priest... you didn't need your face unmelted, did you? =)

  4. Actually, I've always hated that "this frame keeps up with you as you scroll" thing .. it just doesn't feel right on a webpage :)

  5. I like the purple but I do wish Sylvannas wasn't stalking me... ;)

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