Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Raiding is Top Sport

Sometimes you have to be reasonable, sometimes you just have to rant. I needed to rant.

Lately I've been getting more and more annoyed with people who feel that they too should be getting all the pretty shinies, and that they too should get access to the better gear.

Unfortunately these people aren't always willing to put in the effort it takes to get to this content, and if they do get to go they often cause the rest of the raid trouble by simply not being prepared.

It makes me wonder...I mean if you look at people who play top sport..they have to train, right? They have to spend hours and hours, and more hours on getting ready for that specific match where they face the competition.

And if you play a team sport, like basketball for example, how would your team feel if you just didn't show up quite regularly for whichever reason? Or if you forgot to bring your shoes so you'd have to run around barefooted?

Well, I can tell you, your team would take it the first time, especially if you had a good reason. They might even be really nice and put up with it a second time. But I can promise you, if you continuously not show up, you will not be playing in that match you do show up for, you'll be benched.

So why, why, why do people feel gaming should be different? You have a goal in this game as a team, and as a team you have to see if you can beat that instance. You can have an off evening, but once you start having an off month you should be benched. For the good of the team.

Raiding takes not only the many hours you spend in the instance. It also means you have to spend time to get your consumables and enchanting in order, that you have to keep doing heroics and lower end content to keep yourself from getting rusty and get the badges you need for gems and other items. But most of all, it takes commitment and a willingness to improve. To look at yourself critically and wonder what you can do better next time. Even if there were no wipes, go through those logs and check what you did and if it can be done better.

I respect the casual player, I really do. But honestly, if you're a casual player then don't expect the hardcore loot.

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