Sunday, April 26, 2009

10 things on my WoW Wish List

Every now and then I let my mind wander and think what additions I would make to WoW if I could choose. Some of them are serious, some of them definitely aren't, but here comes my WoW Wish List.

1. Purple Wartiger
I can't help it, I love the colour purple. I found myself commenting on the white war talbuk, and how that was the only okishly looking talbuk because it has purple, I want a purple cat.

2. Body Painting
With Noblegarden having started today I got entirely in the spirit of world events, and wouldn't it be the coolest if we could just go about and body paint each other?

I would so start with painting a red nose on Varian Wrynn, since he must have been drinking to crank out all that nonsense. I would also probably bring my paint to Freya and cross her tree friends so that maybe a shredder would come by to chop them off. So many ideas...

3. Cocker Spaniel
I love dogs, but due to me and my boyfriend both having a full time job it wouldn't be fair to own a dog, since the poor thing would simply not get enough attention.

Unfortunately the closest thing to a dog you can get in WoW is a worg pup, and I don't think it's too much to ask for a cocker spaniel, a brown and white, fluffy cocker spaniel. (it would be even cooler if he really started lifting his leg when there were trees around *grin*)

4. Gnome Catapults
Wouldn't it be the coolest thing to load up your little friends and just throw them at the boss?
Of course we sort of have something like that with Flame Leviathan now, but hey if I can carry all those mounts around, I'm sure I can carry a pallet of gnomies around to pelt at my enemies.

5. 10.000 embolism mount (embolism = emblem of heroism)
Gathering up embolisms just isn't worth it anymore at the moment, all Blizz has to do is make it possible to get the repair mount with 10.000 embolisms and I think we're all happier, right?

6. LFGuild in LFGroup
There currently is a looking for guild channel in the game, but it's just not being used. Worse yet, once you're in a guild you won't be in the channel so a poor guildless person can be spamming in the channel all the he/she wants but unless the recruiting guilds specifically sign up to the channel they won't be heard.

Of course I know that there are pretty cool options for matchmaking, but it would still be sort of cool to have a guild recruitment option in the LFG panel.

7. Customized Lockout Times.
Lets face it, Tuesday isn't always a good day to have your raid reset. It would be nice if the lockout time would start ticking the moment you get locked to the first boss. That way from the moment you kill the first boss in Ulduar for example you have one week until reset, no matter which day your first kill was.

I do understand that this might be hard for technical reasons specifically, but I can hope that maybe one day in the future it will be possible.

8. Groupsize 5+5 = 10 + 10 = 25?
I have absolutely never understood how Blizzard decided to go to 25mans. Dungeons are 5, then we now have the 10man, but for 25 you all of a sudden have to leave tanks and healers behind. Though dual spec has solved some of this problem, it still hasn't solved the fact that you will either need to have 5 people sit out every week, or find 5 extra people every week.

My wish is that Blizzard will balance the groups better. 5 man = 1 tank, 1 healer, 3 dps, 10man should be 2 tanks, 2 healers, 6 dps, and then 20man = 4 tanks, 4 healers, 12 dps.

9. You no take candle!

I want a kobold raid boss that shouts, "You no take candle!" every time he does a special attack with his massive candle weapon, and that drops an epic candle tank mace, colour pink, of course.
10. Holy Form
Shadowform for shadowpriests, holy form for holy priest.
I know, I know, lamos! But this is my wishlist and I will darn well put my wishes on it!

So how 'bout it, what are you wishes in WoW?


  1. I'll take Purple Wartiger please! As my husband is famous for saying I have a sick addiction to the color purple!

    As always another very entertaining post, great job!

  2. Sign me up for holy form, that would be bad!

  3. Can Rogues get some plate armor? We'll still be sneaky i promise!!

  4. I'd settle for just having the ZG boss drop me an orange kitty. (Admittedly, I'd rather have this than a purple one... Battlecat GO!)

    I agree that some sink or something to strive for with our emblems would be nice to have right now. I don't feel like there's enough reason to do 5 mans anymore and a couple emblem sinks other than Bind on Account gear would be a welcomed addition.

    The custom lockout time is a very interesting idea, but I can't help, but think that it's a programming nightmare so we'll probably never get it. (not to mention any consistent raiding guild gets into a schedule anyway and doesn't really need it)

    A LFGuild interface of some kind would be sooo nice. (and the LFGroup one is a natural fit) Trade chat is a crappy way to find people and the realm forums are pretty sketchy too.

  5. @Blessing - Ty for the compliment ^_^
    @Etni - I should try my photoshop skills on holy form one day, lol
    @Mandii - klonkklonksap? I have noooo problems with rogues in plate *grin*
    @Veneratio - Sites like and help, but in game recruitment would be really nice

  6. Sign me up for the Kobold boss, we always yell "You no take candle!" at innappropriate times because it makes us laugh

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