Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Confessions of a Priest

After reading this post from 'The Wordy Warrior', and specifically about misdirecting healers *tisk* I felt it only logical that I replied with my own confessions as a healer.
Picture by cursednight
1. I'm a show-off

Every time I see a slightly rare mount I cannot resist showing off my rare mounts. I have quite the collection, and my guildies are already (half)jokingly saying that they don't want to bring me to places where mounts drop anymore, since I am guaranteed to win the roll.

Some of the rarer mounts that my priest rides: Raven Lord, Blue Proto-Drake, Blue Drake, Swift White Hawkstrider...oh my I'm doing it again..see!

2. I can curse like a sailor

Generally the only person hearing this is my boyfriend sitting next to me (he's a paladin tank, how handy, eh?). But sometimes, just sometimes, a bad word slips while my push to talk key is pressed down. The funniest part? I have been told several times already that I actually sound cute when I swear. Must be my Dutch accent ;)

3. I cannot resist killing flagged lowbies

I'm a healing priest, lets face it I don't kill too easily. But when there are flagged lowbies around I just get this itch and I have to, just have to holy fire them. It gives such a satisfactory feeling to see the lowbie horde lying on the floor afterwards.

The picture is me with some other alliance guildies having a nice picknick in Thunder Bluff after having killed the banker, the auctioneer, the vendors, and a couple of lowbies deciding they thought it was a good idea to flag. Mwuahahaha.

4. Oooooh...flowuh!

Yellow dot, must get. I don't even want to count the times that I got, not only myself, but also my boyfriend killed when I saw one of those yellow dots show up on my minimap. To my defence though, it got us lots of extra xp from the stuff we had to kill to get to the flowers!

5. Byebye DPS

Yes, I have let the tank or the dps die on purpose. Sometimes as a healer you have to make the decision to let one die so the other can live. Sometimes you just...uhm...forget to heal the dps standing in the fire again, after you have told them many times to get out.

6. Grid's special spots

I might get killed by some in my guild for this, but hey it's not called confessions for nothing, right? Since I'm the raidleader I also get to switch people around in groups. As I use grid I have a pretty specific order of putting people into the groups, and with most buffs gone raidwide I nowadays order by importance for the raid.

Group 1 is tanks, tank buffs, and myself. After this the groups are ordered by dps. So if you're in group 2 you know you're doing pretty okay and are getting my healz before the dps in group 5.

7. Yum, Yoghurt!

I live in Europe. When I get up for raiding it's generally 5 am in the morning. By 7 am get really hungry, and cannot resist getting some breakfast. The problem is that I am generally also the loot master, so even while I can get through some fights without saying too much I do have to call out rolls once the boss is down. It has happened more than once that my mouth was unladylike full and that if someone had sat accross from me they would've had yoghurt with muesli flying around their ears.

I even had my spoon flying over the table once because I put it down too fast so I could press the right buttons

8. Neat Freak

The guild bank must be spotless. I just cannot open the guildbank and see glyphs piled here and there and everywhere. I've spent many hours just rearranging the items in the guildbank.

9. OMG the cat killed the tank!

We have two cats, and I love 'em both to death. Now it just so happens that one of my cats likes to sneak in between me and the keyboard and then tries to play to game for me (read likes sticking paws on the keyboard so that he gets attention). This bad habit has killed several of my raid members already since cats unfortunately don't always seem to know when they can lie their head down at the space bar or not.

10. I hate gnomies too!

I used to play a gnome warlock. In fact she still is there somewhere hanging around at 70. But gear look so darn ugly on a gnome! I just cannot bear to play one anymore. Which ends up placing me for an immense dilemma since I do like playing the warlock...you seriously don't want to know how many times I have been tempted to delete the level 70 gnome warlock to just start fresh with a human. I guess I'll just have to keep praying Blizz will allow racial changes one day.


  1. Well there you go, I signed up just so I could leave a comment ;)

    I love the direction that you're taking with your blog, its interesting and a different direction then most seem to go.

    Oh and i want a super cool Anzo mount =( Its my favorite.

  2. This post is great,
    I would never to be so honest with my guild member :D

    It's totally acceptable for kitty lie on the keyboard at anytime.
    I guess they knew it, jealousing that your tank get your full attention and have a little revenge on them.

    But still, it's totally acceptable, since they're so cute

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