Friday, April 10, 2009

Get out of that....uhoh

A bit of a lighter post after all the analysis, but definitely not a less important topic!

Boom! Uhm...didn't you hear us over vent?

Now...start counting the amount of times you have seen this happening in your raid.

Go ahead..I'll wait.


Yes. Too often.

Movement is everything in the game. Don't stand in fire, don't stand in poison, do stand in the energy field Maly just threw stand in --- don't stand in. Most fights require you to move a lot, regardless of the class you play.

So how do you get yourself to move fast enough while keeping up the dps/hps/tps? By forgetting about your dps/hps/tps for 2 moments. Yes you heard it right, I'm saying it. It is better to not focus on your primary role for a moment and get the hell out of whatever you need to get out off.

Dead player = 0 output

Got that? no dps/hps/tps at all anymore when you're dead.

Now that we got that said. Make sure that you know the fight. Every boss will be the same every time you fight him, and they will not suddenly get new abilities. (really? yes, really)

If you know when to expect effects that you need to get out off, you can build a rotation around it, cast your instants while you have to move, make sure to be prepared. (insert Illidan: You are not prepared!)

The next thing that is rather important is to not get your fingers tied up in a knot. Moving your buttons around every week may look pretty, but most of the times it's not helping you when you really need to find that one button in the heat of the moment. So know where your movement buttons are.

Also, there are several ways of moving in the game. I generally move by using a combination of my mouse and my wasd keys, but I have been getting reactions like 'what how you can not move with your mouse only?!" Make sure to find the right way for you, and get well acquainted with those buttons, you will need them a lot.

Finally, there are several class specific abilities in the game that are designed to help you get away from where you are (blink, disengage, demonic circle, sprint, etc).

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