Wednesday, April 8, 2009

6 Reasons why to improve your game play

In the previous post I spoke about improving. Lets have a look at why improving your gameplay is a good thing.

1. It will feel good.
If you have gotten to the point that you actually want to improve, than seeing result is one of the most gratifying things there is. It motivates you to keep going, and it makes you proud of your own achievements.

2. Your raid group will love you for it.
Let’s face it, bad players are a liability for the entire group. If you improve your gameplay, people in your group will notice and be very happy with it, because every person within the group enhancing their gameplay, increases the chances the group has for success.

3. You will be remembered.
Back in BC we had a hunter in our guild. She was one of the nicest people you have ever met (most of my guildies are pretty cool), but her game play was so bad that she was endangering the rest of the group. She got her game play up massively, and people are still talking about that, and taking her as an example to say, “See what you can do if you want to do it”. She still plays with us luckily =)

4. You will get more chances to see the spiffy content.
If you’re the best you will be asked more often to go to places. Going places allows you to see all that pretty design Blizzard has put in the game.

5. From annoyance to challenge.
When things are so hard that they seem to be constantly that little bit out of reach, it’s a challenge. When you’re nowhere near the target it’s just a pain in the *** Improving yourself often helps you to take that small step from annoyance to challenge.

6. You will get invited more often.
So, to be honest this is good as well as bad. You will have to learn how to say no, because invites can go sky-high, and if you’re not careful it burns you out as a player. But as a good player it’s you who chooses the groups you go with. And if you don’t feel like going you can just say no.

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