Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Decision

“Man, I wish I could do that!”

Ever heard that phrase? It exists in many varieties, but it mostly means that someone is looking at somebody else who is obviously better at what he/she is doing than the person him/herself is.

In World of Warcraft you can hear this phrase all too often, because there is a often a clear line between the casual player and the player who has sacrificeda bit of the casual for the performance.

And there are many people in the game who have expressed the wish to be able to be better. Or I see them look at some of the top end dps and hear them sigh that they too wish they could be up there.

And they can, you can!, but most people haven't consciously decided to follow up on the wistful thinking. They have not yet made 'the decision'.

The Decision.

People all too often don’t seem to realize that being in the top of the lists takes a lot of time and dedication. And if with some rewards (gear or mounts for example) you can still say ‘it was luck’, with performance you can only depend on hard work and time investment.

There is, of course, nothing wrong with being the casual gamer who is happy with his blue and green gear items, and finds the game enjoyment in quests and the social aspect. But if you do want more, and you do want to raid and feel like you’re really pulling your weight you have to ask yourself:

“Do I want to improve?

Consider the fact that you might not be going out with your friends tonight, but instead you will be reading up on some raid tactic, on gear choices, or on the next bossfight. You will not be going into that dungeon with your friends for the 100th time today, but you will actually stand there with the target dummy for an hour and figure out rotations.

Consider that even that hour of prodding the target dummy might not work you wonders, and that your performance might even get worse before it gets better after you're trying some tactic you read about.Of course not everybody wants to be 'the best' some just wish to be a little better, but even a little better takes a little time.

But if you can accept all that and If you can still answer the question with a ‘Yes’ then I will try to give you handles in how to improve. But although others can show you the way, you will still have to walk the distance yourself.

So, are you with me?


  1. I like the idea of this blog- it has a focus on a topic few blogs ever touch, and I can see it quickly becoming a very viable and popular resource. I can't wait to see more posts. :)

  2. Thank you for your comment, I hope to be able to keep it up =)