Thursday, December 30, 2010

Wowzers - statcounter through the roof!

With the post about where you can find the dungeon locations in Cataclysm my blog took a quantum leap in number of readers. In just a few days I had 180.000 people come to my blog to check out where the dungeon entrances were, and currently my little blog has had a total of 307.770 views (yes I am looking at the stats page now, so much fun those things).

With another post about the faction vendors in Cata I managed to keep some people interested and even got a link mention at WoWinsider in the priest column (thanks Dawn!). So instead of having about 300 visitors per day I now seem to have about 4000 visitors per day.

I feel like I have to adjust my writing to this somehow and have to perform to a higher standard. Then again this should still be my little corner and I should just write what I feel like writing since that's the stuff that will probably come out best. Over time I have gone from trying to post on a schedule, to posting when I actually feel like I have something to say. For me this works, so I think I'll just keep that going.

I would like to thank all the people who visited my little corner in the blogosphere and a special thanks to those who left comments. It is great to see the numbers, it is even greater to read the appreciation that people have for what I've been doing.

Tthe information is out there, somewhere
I am currently working on a guide to the Volcanic Stone Drake (the one you get for all the heroic achievements), and I hope to be able to post something about that soon.

So while I got no mentions on some of the high end blogs like A High Latency Life did (grats River!), I do seem to have taken a little leap into acknowledgement and boy does it feel good.

And the commenter who asked whether I was male or female...wouldn't it just be fun if I let you all guess for a little bit longer?


  1. Nice Work! 4k/day is how much my blog had in its hey day.

    Gobble gobble.

  2. I'd prefer it to stay just as it is. I've seen bloggers that I've enjoyed reading run ot of steam when trying to appeas the masses. I will admit that I Was very impressed with the tabard vendor locations.

    I'd hate to read your about link and ruin the mystery of your gender.

  3. It's not in the about ;)

    And yeah, I like blogging, but generally I come with topics that I was struggling with myself and that I went looking for and had to go all over the place to find stuff on wowhead for example. So I compile posts and put pictures with it and stuff.

  4. I'm going to have to agree to disagree with you. : )