Thursday, December 9, 2010


Last week I posted about an idea that I had been talking about with a guildie of mine. The idea of Peer Score was based on Gear Score, and naturally not flawless, but meant to rate players based on behaviour.

I had quite a few comments on this post, and one of the commenters pointed me in the direction of PlayerScore, which is now the new GearScore (I still think my name is cooler!).

But, I figured I would at least see what this addon does, and how it works and then report back to everybody who comes here. So I went ahead and downloaded the addon from Tentonhammer. (you can click the link will take you to the page where you can download, it will NOT start the download).

Immediately my AVG notifies me and asks if I really want to download and run this. I clicked yes, and hoped that it would not throw all my private information all over the net.

When installing it asks you to point to your World of Warcraft account directory. (you have to go a level deeper, but I didn't want to screenshot my account names).

After this there is a new icon in your icon tray in the bottom right (when you run windows) and from there you have a variety of options. I figured I would go with download ratings first and see what that would do exactly.

You can also start your client from this menu, and go to the PlayerScore Website. Though currently it just gives me an error message if I try to launch my game from here.

PlayerScore exists of two components. An addon part, that runs like any other addon you would normally use, and a downloader/uploader part that gathers information that other players have gathered. I can totally understand if some people would be a bit creeped out from the second part, but in their FAQ they claim you can also just run the addon yourself.

So, I now have it installed and after reading a pretty good FAQ  I feel I'm ready to try it out. I think at this stage of the game the whole gearscore part is completely useless since most of us will be wandering around in a nice combination of quests greens, and dungeon blues, but I'm gonna do some serious poking at the PlayerScore part.

I will, of course, report back in a couple of days with my findings. So stay posted!

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