Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Holy Priest Thoughts

So I went to read up on Holy today since I got confronted with the ugly truth of disc when we went into Tol Barad; Disc is not possible atm :(

I came to a couple of conclusions for myself, applying them to my healing style, and I figured I would throw them  out here. I have to warn you that they might seem completely random and incoherent though...

- Spirit is better regen than Int
- Int is throughput, regen, and crit

- Attempt to never overheal
- It is fine to let people drop to 50% of their hitpoints, in fact Test of Faith will give you more heals per mana once people are below 50% health.

- Binding Heal has the highest HPCT (Heal per cast time)
- Renew has the highest HPM (Heal per mana)

- Lightwell is ridiculously good, drill your raid to use it
- Divine Hymn early, fights can be long enough to use it again towards the end

- Use Shadowfiend early in the fight, and use it on cooldown afterwards

- Stat Importance: Int/Spirit > Haste till 12,5% raid buffed > Mastery > Crit

- Keep PoM on cooldown

- Gemming: Every gem should have int, but do follow socket bonuses

- Reforging: Reforge to spirit if you need it > reforge according to stat importance backwards (duh)

- Gear: items should always have spirit if in any way possible > Avoid crit where possible

- Spirit of Redemption: good for learning, not good for raiding (you're not supposed to be dead)


  1. Sigh, as a Disc Priest since 2004 I have to admit that with Cataclysm, Disc is no longer a main healer. The Charka ability to constantly keep renew on tanks and Circle of Healing is head over heals better than a 10k+ shield.

    Its still possible to heal as a Disc but... not worth the bother IMO when mana is such an issue. Who has time to smite mobs to get a 5% mana boost in instances? Perhaps it will change in Raids or with better equipment.

  2. BTW, have you tried soloing in Twlight Highlands and beyond? Good grief, 2-3 chain mobs will render me dead simply because I run out of mana.

    Not very much fun having to drink after every 2-3 pools. But then again its back to the old school method. We're so spoilt by Wrath.