Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Patch 3.3 is live...with Corehound Pet

And we even got to play yesterday! In fact, Thror, a friend, and myself went to do the new dungeon. We used the dungeon tool, stuck in a search for the new dungeon, and found a healer and a rogue to join us. Both seemed pretty okishly geared, and both turned out to be easy-going people.

I had been looking forward to these dungeons. So much in fact that I turned off 'House' the moment that I noticed that I could actually log on (took only 10 minutes or so).
And I have to say...Blizzard you did an amazing job with that dungeon. It's involving, it's lore, it's challenging, and it looks amazing. The fights build up nicely, and the end is....well, our end was that the servers crashed the moment we tried to set foot on the boat, but wow. I am already looking forward to going through this dungeon again today, but then as a healer. has already published a list of known issues, and really getting DCed the moment that you step on the ship is not the worst.

In fact, I think the funniest is this one:
  • Horde players do not receive a parachute when the Kor'kron Troop Transport is destroyed during the quest, "Assault by Air".

No parachute for you dirty hordies! *giggle*

Most addons seem to work, or at least most from the ones I had installed, except buttonfacade made my buttons disappear. Shame since I like my buttons slightly smaller, but not the end of the world, and certainly very playable. At least grid and clique work which are the mods that I cannot play without. (well, heal without I should say).

Corehound Pet.

So there was some confusion when we logged on and went all aaah and ooooh about the Corehound Pet that Thror and I got in the mail, and then discovered that our friend didn't get one.'s because he didn't have an authenticator, and we do. Oddly enough the letter attached to the pet didn't make any mention of it, and I would think that if Blizzard wants to motivate players to get an authenticator they would publish it and make a big deal out of it...I would anyway.

But since they didn't I will...

Go get your authenticator. Not only will your account be safe, you will also get this gorgeous pet. And I can tell ya, it's cute!


  1. You're misinterpreting those notes. Blizzard is only trying to encourage the Horde to be even more awesome. By more awesome I mean switch to engineering. Also we're the Horde, we don't surrender to anything, whether it be demons, humans, fall damage.

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  2. I didn't know you watched House .. heh. Good show.

    Yes, the corehound is adorable :)

    The disconnect on getting onto the boat has been fixed, we ran it fine last night. Of course, it ran fine for me the first night as well, but everyone ELSE did disconnect. Apparently the mac client didn't disconnect ;)

  3. day when Mac is less expensive here I'll step over to it ;)

    Recent blog:=- Patch 3.3 is live...with Corehound Pet