Monday, May 25, 2009

Where am I?

Only a quick post today, but I am already working on tomorrow's CC, I'll be writing about the ins and outs of the new equipment manager.

I went back to last week's 'Where am I?" and took another screenshot as an extra hint. Should help to figure out where Anzu took me last week.

Of course I also explored a little more and came up with a new screenshot, should be a bit easier this time around.

This week I'll find a big custard cake for the person who can give me the coordinates!

While looking around for a good place I also found out something funny. I went up to the violet parlour, and was standing next to the portal and this is what I discovered.

Standing next to the portal, zoomed out as far as I could. Check out the book cupboard next to me...empty, right?

Wrong! To the right of me the same book cupboard, only then completely filled with magical books. Wish I could pick those up for my Higher Learning achievement!

Got any cool screenshots yourself?


  1. Hi Shy ! :)

    I think Anzu and you are on the catapult outside Darnassus, near the road to Dolanaar...
    Am I right ?

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  2. Wooot! One Custard Cake coming your way!