Wednesday, May 6, 2009

UI Review - Curse you Curse

Talk of the day is Curse no longer doing for free what they promised to do, but trying to scam us out of money for it instead now. Other bloggers have spoken their mind on the issue already, I agree mostly with them, and think that Curse is shooting themselves in the foot, but for the moment it does mean that we'll have to live with it.

So with the 'update all addons' button now costing 5$ per month, I figured it was a good time to clean out the addon folder and leave as few installed as possible, since the less there , the easier the updating process.

I've recently upgraded my system and went from a 17" monitor to a 24" widescreen. I didn't get rid of the old monitor, so I'm now running a dual monitor setup. This means that there are a lot of addons I don't have to run in game but can simply look up the information online.

Let see what I have installed before cleanup:
  • Ackis Recipe List
  • Align
  • Atlasloot
  • Auctionator
  • Bagnon
  • ButtonFacade
  • Carbonite Quest
  • Cartographer
  • Chinchilla
  • Classtimer
  • Clique
  • Curse Profiler
  • Dominos
  • DrDamage
  • Elkano's BuffBars
  • Gatherer
  • Ghost: Mount
  • Grid
  • Higherlearning
  • InspectEquip
  • Itemrack
  • Minimalist
  • MinimapButtonBag
  • Monkeyquest
  • nUI
  • Omen3
  • OPie
  • Ratingbuster
  • Recount
  • Swatter
  • TomTom
  • Deadly Boss Mods
Wow, that' s quite a list. And to think that there's a couple that I don't even have turned on. Which does make it a lot easier. Lets get rid of a couple.
  • Ackis Recipe List
    An addon that lets you track which recipes you have and are missing. When I installed it I figured it might be handy, in the end I ended doing nothing with it.
  • Align
    This addon shows a grid on your screen so that you can neatly put your bars at the exact right spot. Everybody speaks highly about it, I never used it. I just configured my bars by eye, worked fine for me.
  • Button Facade
    I had a whole pile of different once, so I figured I would get rid of the ones I'm not using since they all are considered a separate addon if you have to update them. I Adorn: Dark Round.
  • Carbonite Quest
    This mod is handy while doing the quests for the first time. I have 3 80s, I think I know where to find the quests now. Besides this, they can say that they're compatible with the current WoW version, for me it's buggy as hell
  • Cartographer
    The Blizzard UI has gotten better and better, and so have their maps. Since I have all my maps filled in, I had switched this one off a while ago already. So to the bin it goes. I can advise this mod if you don't have all of the maps filled in yet to use this mod though!
  • Chinchilla
    This mod allows you to change the position and appearance of your minimap. I love it, but since quest tracking has changed (and apparently has been attached to the minimap) this mod has been buggy. I kept getting messages that I could not track this or that, not even achievements, so for the moment, bye bye Chinchilla.
  • HigherLearning
    Addon that allows you to track the timers of the books in Dalaran. I installed it since I thought it would be handy, but never used it. Should really go back to working on that achievement, but hey I'll join the bookwatch channel.
That at least cleans up some, and with this I have a nice opener for tomorrow's post where I will review my UI as I have it set up now.

As a preview a quick screenshot.

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