Friday, May 8, 2009

Must Have Bookmarks

Today I will talk about linkies.

Uhm yeah, so not that type of linkie....

(sorry, I hope I didn't hit the pun button too hard?)

I was looking at my bookmarks list today, and discovered that over time I have gathered over 50 WoW related bookmarks. I thought this was a bit much, and since I've been cleaning up anyway, I figured I would clean up my bookmarks list as well.

After cleanup I was left with 18 WoW bookmarks, some of which I consider a must have for anybody who plays World of Warcraft, others are just so cool that I didn't want to get rid of them, and others again are funky little tools to play with.

General Databases
  • Thottbot
    I can't help it, they were the first, definitely not the best anymore, but their database still has some handy features that I like using. It was once called the WoW Bible, now Wowhead has probably taken that position.

    I mostly use it to look up tradeskills and drop percentages still. I normally would use Wowhead too, but as a golden oldie it keeps a spot in my bookmarks list.

  • Wowhead
    The place to be to find just about everything. From quests to maps, from boss tactics to set bonuses, and much, much more. This is the spot to go for information. Available in English, German, Spanish, French, and I think what must be Russian. Also has a talent calculator, pet talent calculator, and also does item comparison for you.

  • Allakhazam
    Another general information database. I used to use this one mostly for AH prices, but Wowhead now has this information integrated. I prefer the gem section of Allakhazam above the other 2, but that's just personal preference.

  • WoWWiki
    Information from gamers to gamers. Like any wiki written by the reader (so player base) and provides a lot of good information about a lot of subjects.
The first three offer a similar service, of which Wowhead is probably the most used one at the moment, which gives the advantage of always having up to date user comments.

Wowwiki is more of a wow dictionary, not only does it have heaps and heaps of lists like the other three, it also has a lot of lore information.

Handy Stuff
  • Jame's Guides
    Jame has many guides, all of them as handy, and all of them free. I use them mostly to find the quests I still need for my loremaster achievement, but if you level an alt and want to know how to best connect quests together, or wish to know how to find your way in Sunken Temple again (I still don't know by head what the order of the statues is) this is the place to be.

  • Chardev
    This site is the faster version of Warcrafter, a sandbox to play around in with your character stats. You can find your character information from the armory, and then check what switching out certain gear pieces would do for your general stats. An excellent tool for out of game theorycrafting. However, if you wish to also know what your spells do (by aproximation), you will still have to revert to Warcrafter.

    To use the sandbox go to character planner, tab 'armory' and look up your character.

  • Be Imba
    Another theory crafting site. It will help you to find if you took the right enchants, the right gems, gives a score to your gear, and has a funky Gear-o-meter that's rather fun to play with. Gets the information from the armory, so if you plan to use this tool, you do have to make sure to log out with the right gear on, and not with your fishing pole equipped (wooops, silly me).

  • WoW Armory
    The place to go for character information. Show you your character sheet out of game, arena ranks, has an item upgrade help, item database, and a lot more information. This is the official Blizzard site, and this is where a lot of other sites pull their information from.

  • Game Atlas
    Maps, maps with quests, cities on maps, zooming in on maps, and all sorts of other related stuff. NPC locations, object locations, you need to find where something is? This site can show you on a map where to go. They also have an item database, and quests overview, but to be honest you want to use Wowhead for that.
  • Mount Checklist
    There are others out there, but this is just the easiest to use checklist for every collector of mounts. A tentative button for pets and tabards is still at the top, but aren't implemented yet, I do hope it will get to that one day.

    If you do look for a site with a bit more information about mounts, then check out

    However, there is a complete site dedicated to in game vanity pets, where to get them, how to get them, and which ones are most appreciated.
  • Crafter's Tome
    All information about all trade skills in one spot. Very handy site if you're looking for information on how to level your skills, what goes into that potion again, or just a simple recipe list.
Funky Stuff

Some things that I found while cleaning up, and figured I would share because they're just funky to play with.
  • Arena Tabards
    Allows you to check out what your arena flags look like before you actually pick your colors.

  • Cosplay
    Some random photo album I found online, but that is rather impressive. Check out the nightelf.

  • Signature Creator
    Still looking for a funky signature for your guild forums? This site may help.

  • Percula: Blind
    Best machinima I've seen so far. If you want to see some more of my favorite machinima's, check out the sidebar linkies.

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