Thursday, May 21, 2009

Ulduar 10 for Dummies: Razorscale

Straight after you've killed Flame Leviathan you can chose to do Ignis or Razorscale. Both of these bosses are optional bosses. Only Razorscale has no trash to clear through.

Raid Composition.
2 tanks, 2 or 3 healers, 5 or 6 dps. Melee or ranged doesn't make much difference, but it is handy to have at least one ranged dps around.

When you enter the area that Razorscale is flying above you will find a group of NPCs down below at the entrance standing behind a couple of harpoons. Speak with the excavation commander to start the fight.

Air phase.
When you start the fight dwarf engines come ploughing through the ground. These spit out, guess what, dark rune dwarves.

The tanks should be picking the adds up close to the turrets, and it's easiest if each tank takes a side.

While you're fighting the adds, Razorscale will drop two types of fire from the sky. One is direct impact on a player, non avoidable. The other makes a flame patch on the floor, don't stand around in it. It hurts.

During all this the npcs will fix the turrets. Once a turret is ready an announcement is given, and someone needs to go fire it. This is where the ranged dps comes in handy since they can fire the harpoon without having to stop dps too much. If you have 3 healers, the third healer can also easily do this job.

When the second harpoon is fired, Razorscale comes down, and the fight moves to the ground. Everybody should move behind her because of a frontal cone fire breath, and any adds alive should be ignored. DPS her as much as you can since she is more vulnerable on the ground.

Little tip, don't shoot the second harpoon when any sentinels are alive, you'll make it much harder on yourself.

When Razorscale is at 50% health you get an anouncement that she is permanently grounded, and you move to ground phase.

Kill Order for adds
  1. Sentinels: Kill sentinels first, their whirlwind is pretty destructive. You can see when these join in because a third engine will come up through the ground. They're actually not dwarves, but Vrykul, so easily to recognize since they're the tallest of the bunch.
  2. Watchers: After the sentinels you kill the watchers, they do magical damage, which is less bad, but still pretty nasty.
  3. Guardians: Lastly the Guardians get killed, they're pushovers.
Ground Phase:
Once Razorscale is grounded you finish off any adds that may still be alive. In this fase everybody gets a stacking debuff that increases fire damage taken. Nobody but the tank should be in front of her to avoid taking said fire damage.

She does a periodical knockback, which is not too dangerous, and still throws patches of flame on the floor. Make sure to move out of them.

She also stacks an armor debuff on the tank, and the tanks will have to switch out every one or two stacks of this debuff.

Keep dpsing till she's down, and congratulate yourself on a job well done.

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