Saturday, May 16, 2009

Ulduar 10 for Dummies: Ignis the Furnace Master

Welcome to the next part of Ulduar 10 for Dummies. This is Thrornir, and I'll be giving the rundown on how to do Ignis the Furnace Master.

  • Ignis has six pulls before you get to him. The very first, two molten Colossi, leaves a nasty debuff behind in the raid called 'Unquenchable Flames', which bounces from person to person, doing damage until the entire raid can sit in one of the forge pools.
  • There are three pairs of Magma Ragers. Their worst ability is called 'Superheated Winds', which creates a tornado under the Magma Rager, knocking anyone hit back while causing damage when it touches them.
  • There are two pairs of Forge Constructs, which are the simplest enemies - simply keep them pointed away from the raid.
Clear one side and get into a pool as soon as possible to clear the Unquenchable Flames debuff, then clear the rest of the room.


You want two tanks, two or three healers, and five or six DPS. There's no real bias between ranged and melee, but it's helpful to have a ranged DPS who can consistently do 5k damage in one hit.

The Pull and Positioning
  • Ignis stands in place at the end of the room, and can be pulled by the main tank or with a misdirect from a hunter.
  • Pull Ignis so he stands near a pool, with his back to the center of the room.
  • Healers and ranged stand in the center, melee stands behind Ignis and follows as the tank moves him.
  • When Ignis places a Scorch on the ground, pull him alongside the pool so that neither the tank nor the melee behind him stand in the Scorch.
  • After two scorches are on the ground next to one pool, move across to the other pool.
Dealing with Adds
  • When Ignis calls for soldiers, one of the constructs along the walls activates and moves towards the raid. The offtank picks up this construct and moves it to stand in a Scorch.
  • Wait until the add turns red and changes name to Molten Construct, and move it to the pool. The water stuns it and attacks against it have a 50% crit chance bonus.
  • The offtank moves away and preferably a ranged dps shoot the brittle golem. If no ranged is available for this, the healer should know that the tank will attack it. When it dies, the golem explodes and deals 20k damage to anyone nearby.
Slagpot and Flame Jets
  • Ignis randomly sticks one person in the Slag Pot, where they take extra damage and will need some extra focus from one of the healers.
  • Healers can heal from the slagpot
  • Ignis has a long channel spell called Flame Jets. If Flame Jets goes off while you are casting, you're spell locked for 8 seconds.
Repeat the boss movement and golem breaking until Ignis dies. Collect your loot and /cheer.

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  1. And if you kill him in less then 4 minutes you get a shiny Achievement!!