Monday, October 5, 2009

Weekly Raid Quests - continued

Earlier today I posted about weekly raid quests. My first reaction can be read here.

Thinking about it a bit more I still don't like the idea. My problem is not so much that they become a quest my problem stems from a different thought though. On the PTR the quest reward is Emblem of Frost.

The other news coming from the PTR is datamining of items like Leggings of Woven Death.

You see that "Icecrown thing of crafting things" in the materials list of those legs?

In my paranoid head I put Emblems of Frost into the place of Icecrown thing of crafting thing and see how all of a sudden we have Mother Sharaz, but then the icey version.

I'm now jumping to conclusions based on PTR and datamined information of course, so I might be all wrong, but god is that a scary thought. Our guildbank still has the items in the bank we would need for Mother Sharaz back in BT, and though we never got to her on time, I know that it was a blockage fight for a lot of guilds.

So what if you actually have to farm enough of these silly weekly quests to get enough crafting things to be able to progress? Not so much of a additional fun thing to do now, eh? Nope, it has just become a compulsory thing to go back and kill bosses that are on farm, all because you need them to be able to progress in new content.

And sure, easy enough to jump in and kill Maly quickly. 20 minutes, that's all. But if we raid 8 hours per week, and we need to spend say 8 times 10 to 20 minutes on a boss already on farm to be able to progress it doesn't always feel like fun, or like a small thing to do. It'll feel like a chore.

I don't want to HAVE to spend time on those bosses. Sure go back to them voluntarily, do them because they're fun. But once you sort of have to do them because you can't get further in the content you really want to do, it just becomes an artificial gateway.

A block to not get guilds to progress too quickly through content by keeping them busy in older content.

As said, I might draw all the wrong conclusions here, combine all the wrong thoughts. But the idea is enough to make me go 'uhoh'.

But hey, what comes, comes. I just hope that I'm wrong, very wrong.


  1. I was kind of assuming those things were going to be the new runed orb and while buying orbs with emblems helps alot. I don't think it will be totally back-breaking not to do the weekly. Although I assume most progression guilds will do it anyways at least at first

  2. I think you are correct in your assessment.


  3. Now the patch as actually hit it's obvious that you don't NEED to do the weekly any more than you need to do a daily random heroic. Sure you'll get more frost emblems in the end but there's no requirement for you to get these crafted pieces. They're alternatives to loot that only has a chance of dropping, granted they're massive improvements on many other available pieces but they're not required at all.

  4. Hmm...5 of my current best pieces come from frost emblems. If I want to keep up with my gear and be able to raid at the level that I do. I have to run these weeklies.