Thursday, April 8, 2010

Shorten the queue for DPS - it starts with you!

We have all probably noticed, if you queue up as dps in the dungeon'll be there for a while. Well, not as long generally as it took when you had to find a group through trade, but still, much longer than when queueing as tank or heals.

Apparently we have a tank shortage. But even with that tank shortage it shouldn't be this hard to find a group as dps, right? Read for ways to shorten the queue times for dps after the break!
  1. More DPS!

    There simply is more dps then there are tanks and healers, so you'll have to wait for the people who do decide to play the harder roles. Yes, harder. Because while you can carry a bad tank or a bad healer, when you end up with both, you're screwed. Whereas a good tank and healer can carry three bad dps.   Try creating an alt tank or healer, or queue up as your second spec at times. I know you like dps, but really, the queues will go down quite a bit if all of us chip in.
  2. DPS tanks

    My druid is fairly okishly geared. She can get up to 58K hitpoints, but no matter how many buttons I press, I still only have a 232 weapon. I've had runs that I went kitty, and the dps only noticed until they were dead on the floor. My theory? If you insist on pulling agro and going lololol through the dungeon making the tank's life hell, you can tank it too....oh wait, you can't...
  3. DPS lololol

    No offense meant...but generally the tanks and healers are played by the more seasoned people, and the more adult people. So while the dps can have lololol, and shout all offensive stuff, I seem to see that a lot less in tanks or healers. So while dps is having fun (well, their kind of fun), the tank or healer is putting you on ignore, making it just that tiny bit harder again next time to find a group.
  4. Oh noes! AFK AGAIN!

    Stop AFKing. Really, you're actually making tanks wait for you, check the time that you're average queue is, and don't just wander off if you queue up. Sure, go do something different, but keep the sound on in the background at least.
  5. Just suck as hard as you can

    Last, but not least the less conventional way to shorten the queues. Just suck. Be rude, refuse to play your class right, yell, scream, whatever it takes to get you kicked from your group. Bingo, another dps spot has opened up for someone else, and you've done your part for the system. DPS all around the world will be grateful for it. 


  1. I love point number 5. I'd never realised all those sucky DPS were actually helping me find a place by getting themselves put on the ignore list. I may feel more kindly towards them now. Maybe...

  2. #5 maked me laugh. The other added benefit of all of those is that after a while most of the active tanks on your battle group will have you on ignore. Way to take one for the team! All the other dps now have a faster que. It is just too abd about your own 40 minute waits.

    Thanks for the list!

  3. You bring an excellent point to light. It's easy for someone in very good gear to take that gear for granted. I know that when I dps on my Death Knight, I do tend to run wild in the 5-man Heroics. I overgear them to the point of silliness. And being a Death Knight, I have many self-heals and "get-out-of-wipe-free" cards to play when I get low on health. Yes, it's a lot of fun to just completely maul the NPCs in those dungeons, but Shy has a point. It does create unwarranted stress on the healer and/or tank.

    So now the eternal debate: Do I shape up or use Option 5.

  4. Those are great ideas( the last ones my fav!) I know as a tank I will queue up as dps just so I don't have to deal with all the dps yelling gogogogo!! the whole time I am in a run. as dps I can just be quiet and go about my run no worries. also as dps I can actually do some dailies or some mining as a tank its queue up go and done. No time for anything else

  5. The number of asshat dps in runs increases on weekends, and as a regular tank on 3 characters I have a very short fuse for rude players. I leave group, switch toons and queue up as tank again. Easy.

    All players need to be aware that their are people at the end of the pixels, and have a degree of tolerance. Although it does make me mad that we can't kick after 5 mins when I know for a fact somebody will be a pain.

  6. Tank here. I know everyone else says tanks are hard to find, healers next hardest to find and DPS are a dime a dozen.

    I will tell you the hardest thing for me to find is a good dps. Seriously. I can get heals. I have tons of health and armor and can make almost any healer work. I need good dps.

    Here are a couple of things that make me put people on ignore.

    1. Pulling for me. Seriously if someone else besides the tank pulls I usually drop. I don't give a shit about waiting 30 mins. I'll fish or something else.

    2. Constantly asking for or posting dps scores. I would rather have someone in the group who does less dps but lets me get a solid threat buildup before starting aoe.

    3. Telling me to change the spead at which I tank. Either going to fast or slow. If I am going too slow it is becuase I am waiting on healer mana. And if you need mana I will not slow down. Drink up and catch up. Again I do not care about your DPS score.

    4. Did I mention I don't care about your DPS score?