Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Secret of Healing - The Revelation

Are you ready for the big revelation?

No...I mean are you really ready?



The true secret of being a good healer is in the casting. You cast heals, you safe lifes.

You watch TV on the side? People die. Be in the game, pay attention, and be casting. The meters should read 100% activity behind your name.

You're stoned on the side and you're heals are not too fast, reaction speed is slowed down? You do less good.

Drunk? Same thing.

This is the first most important thing when you decide to take this seriously, be serious...


Doesn't sound too hard, does it?

Apparently it is, since I've met my share of people who are not paying attention. Who are always last with ready checks. Where you can hear the TV in the background, and hear in their voices that they are distracted.

I've also met my share of people where you can just hear that they are stoned out of their minds. (what can I say, Netherlands ;p)

If you're not 100% there in the game, how can you ever expect 100% effectiveness?

Sure, many other things to think about, and I mentioned quite a few in the first two posts about healing, but this is what it all starts with. A certain amount of dedication to what you're doing.

If this part is missing, don't start looking at the other parts, just fix this part first.

Well hey...this is my experience at least. I'm sure there are people who feel they had their best performances when they were drunk as a monkey...and I bet it felt that way to them too. I just wonder if their raid mates were thinking the same.

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