Monday, October 5, 2009

Weekly Raid Quests

I had a week off from work last week, so I'm a bit behind on the news, but I just read about weekly raid instance quests on MMO Champion.

My first reaction:
Seriously, do we really need more pressure to repeat stuff, Blizzard? Do we really need more of the feeling "OMG I cannot take a week off since I would run behind everybody else!" ? Why do we have extended lockouts? We can't really not kill bosses, since we have to complete the quests! Right?!

My 10man is currently taking the time to get Firefighter on farm, work on Algalon, and Yogg+1. Can't do that anymore I guess or we'll not get the required items for our progression content. We can kill them easily on normal, so does this mean we should just not extend and get the items that will probably be required for progression content? Bah, Don't like this sort of pressure.

More later when I've thought some about it.


  1. Depending on who the target it, it may be something we can do in 15 minutes when we are taking a break from bashing our heads against firefighter. Some of the targets seemed pretty simple. (Or targets we are going to kill every week anyways).

    Fights like Maly, well really its not to much work to zone in, kill him, and head back to what we were doing.

  2. deep breathes



    /repeat 8-)

  3. What if it had been Vezax this week? Would we really have saved Firefighter for next week? I think we would've given in under weekly pressure, kill Mimi quickly on normal so that we would at least get our emblems for the week.

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  4. Didn't notice my name didnt post in my first comment.

    And your right, had it been vezax we would have killed him for our 10 emblems of frost, and I would have been one of the people pushing for it. I did check out the list of names though, and honestly I dont recall any of them being too bad though. (Not that I can recall who the targets were at the moment either... maybe your next blog has the list!)

  5. I honestly don't care how easy the targets are or not. My problem is that I would rather decide on myself on what I want to do in game instead of being coerced into something by a system.

    If they insist on weekly raid quests why not simply "Kill 5 raidbosses from any of the following raid instances" and call it good? We've not been doing Razorscale and Ignis, do we really want to go back and spend time on them? Not me, I only have limited time, and I would rather spend that time on new content than on doing Razorscale...again.

    Recent blog:=- Weekly Raid Quests - continued