Friday, October 30, 2009

Twin Valkys: Heroic Mode

In this small series of descriptions on fights in Trial of the Grand Crusader I will assume that you know how to do the fight on normal so I will go through them really rather quickly. I'll deal with all 5 fights separately, this is the fourth one.

Group Comp
  • 2 tanks
  • 3 healers (you could probably do it with 2 eventually, but there is a lot of raid damage)
  • 5 dps
  • All melee go white
  • All ranged and healers go black
  • 1 black tank, 1 white tank
  • Both Valkyr are tanked next to the back black portal
  • Melee huddles behind them (of course) and attacks Darkbane
  • Ranged split up between the two white portals and dps Lightbane
  • 1 healer must be behind the melee in between the wall and the melee so the healer can catch black orbs
  • The other healers should heal the ranged and be in the middle
  • 4 different specials, they will all 4 be cast once in the first 4 special attacks
  • This means if the first is dark vortex, this ability will not come up again for at least 3 rounds
  • This way you know for sure what the 4th ability is so you can pre-switch
  • A lot more damage from the orbs
  • The shield takes more damage before it breaks
  • They cast some extra ability and DBM will tell you to switch colors - ignore it.
    You will take more damage trying to get to a portal by running into orbs then the ability does to you. The healers can heal through it.

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