Thursday, November 1, 2012

Legendary Gems

I was reading MMO-Champion today and noticed that I had missed a post about legendary gems that they had datamined.

Refined Crystallized Dread
Refined Crystallized Terror
Refined Crystallized Horror

And I find myself hoping that this is not Blizz's idea of making an item 'legendary' for everybody. As a healer stats are gorgeous, but as a constantly mana-starved healer I'm not gemming for intellect, so it would have to be a spirit gem at the least.

Also, stats are nummy, but if you want to make a legendary healing weapon a proc will have to be added, something like what Val'anir does. Raw stats I personally find rather meh.

I guess we'll wait and see, maybe the gems are just an intermediate step, and maybe Blizzard has something really wowzers up their sleeve.

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