Thursday, September 27, 2012

Monk Stat Priority

Been reading up some on Elitist Jerks about the MistWeaver, which will be my main spec. (careful the information there can be a bit older)


Spirit > Haste 1350 > Int > Crit/Mastery

- Stack spirit up the wazoo especially in the beginning. It is the only stat that affects regen.
(and I am the master in being OOMM Out of Mana Monk(ey))

- Magical number for haste is 1350, anything above does not really add anything

- Int when you can get it

- Crit/Mastery, Do you want big heals or free orbs everywhere?

I have heard other people say they find the monk mastery soso, but I sort of like it. I have always liked the trinkets that would heal other people randomly and the orbs do so as well. So I might just become a mastery addict.

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