Thursday, September 27, 2012

Hello Pandas!

My monk is now level 40 and picked up her fast riding skill this morning. So far it's going ok, but the fact that I have to work is getting in the way of going faster...but hey I guess the work sort of pays for the game, so not much choice than to keep going.

Luckily I have a few days off next week so starting this weekend I can put some serious hours in.

I've been running some quests, and some dungeons. I have to say that even the dungeons are a lot of fun again, because half of them I had not seen yet in their current state. And the scarlet dungeons have been redone entirely it seems.

I had to laugh at the poor beast master being so completely convinced that he would not die and his own doggies coming to eat him after. Silly dude.

Currently in Western Plaguelands. Zen'kiki is keeping me company..and boy if you ever had a noob of a druid. Love how he pulls out the mutated sealion and flops around on the floor.

Anyhow..levelling is going fast, and I should hopefully reach Outlands tonight. Maybe if you're running around there too we can run a dungeon?

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