Wednesday, May 5, 2010

ICC10 heroic Guide - Lady Deathwhisper

Group Composition:
- 2 tanks
- 2 or 3 healers (depending on how strong your healers are, we 2 heal it)
- 5 or 6 dps

Differences between normal and heroic:
- She will periodically Mind Control 1 person
- Add Waves come faster
- Phase 2 she's not tauntable
- Phase 2 one add keeps coming from the back (tauntable)
- Vile Spirits now explode in a 20yard radius
- More damage, more health

Unlike for Marrowgar there are quite a few things different here, but the fight does sort of go the same.

Phase 1.
Have your tanks pick up the waves of adds coming from either side, and dps them down. As always dps should be very careful to not get themselves killed by getting agro.

During the entire fight there will be one person MCed. Best is to have a druid (resto or balance) cyclone these people since they won't take damage anymore then. If you don't have a cyclone handy, then CC them in a different way. Just make sure to not kill them.

If you're cutting it close on the timer you may want to leave 1 melee dps on the boss (in 25s I normally keep the rogues on the boss). Melee dps always does worse in this fight because of the amount they spent running around and keeping one on the boss will speed up phase 1 by quite a bit.

As in normal, when her mana shield is gone she becomes active and goes to the next phase.

Phase 2. 
Tanks have to pick her up. The OT has to stay second on the agro list, because when the debuff on the MT stacks to 5 he or she will have to take over based on threat.

In the meantime you have an add coming from the back that will also have to be tanked. We tank her towards the stairs so that the tanks can range taunt the add to them. It's the OT that taunts the add.

Misdirects and Tricks should be used as much as possible to keep threat high on the tanks. Freely use threat lowering abilities, like hand of salvation or pain suppresion on the dps to keep their threat low.

We have a fairly heavy melee group so we heal through the ghosts, since if all the melee has to constantly run away from them they would never get any dps done. Ranged however does have to run away from the ghosts and either have them explode in a safe area, or see if you can prevent the exploding entirely.

Phase 3. 

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