Thursday, May 20, 2010

Female Worgen Models

MMO Champion has picures up of the female worgen models. If you want to see the lot, go check here.

The legs look like dranei legs, but that's not really what bothers me. I mean they have to make 4 footers walk up straight, so you're bound to get some oddly shaped legs.

What does bother me are the heads.

I stuck a male worgen head down for comparison, but I see nothing of the viciousness of the worgen back in the female worgen head. This looks more like a hyena than like a worgen so far.

What I do absolutely looooove are the purple eyes though!

But hey, work in progress, right?


  1. Female Worgen are eye-candy prettyness. Just like all the other female versions of every other race in WoW. (maybe not the trolls).
    I am honestly surprised that they even got to have this very slight predatory leaness that they have, at all.
    Having said that, I am not 100% sure I get what you are bothered about. Aren't hyenas as close as you get to wolfs, while still looking fur-female?
    I think I get what blizz was thinking: "we need a female werewolf type, and a werewolf with boobs just won't work." So they took the slender-(almost catlike) hyena look at made those the female versions. Makes sense.. In its own twisted way. And if you saw MMO's earlier versions (that has now gotten NDA'd) where they had hair, I think you'd be a little happier with how they are shaping (no pun intended) up.

  2. The mostly straight on pose looks bad. I think the rest are pretty good. Not anywhere near as vicious as the male, but not 'nice and pretty' either. Could use a slightly longer snout.

  3. Still not as nice as white kitties with pink necklaces.

    Still room for improvement ;)

  4. I had hope for viciousness indeed. Guess that's just not going to happen as long as it's a female character in WoW...oh well, maybe for the first time ever I have to play a male character O_O *sjikes*

  5. Of the shots I think the one you posted was the worst. If it ends up close to the others I think it is not so bad.
    Then again a Worgen is likely to be one of my few male characters also.

  6. Wait until you see the hair styles, as someone earlier mentioned, with hair they can look quite different. This is just the base model. Kinda like trying evaluate a human male by using the bald hairstyle .. somethings .. missing ..