Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Real ID afterthought

3.3.5 is on the PTR, and it includes the whole Real ID thing. I was discussing it with Thror, and he mentioned that the Blizzard employees themselves cannot even use it because of the way it links characters to real names.

Their characters would be hunted and tracked down by crowds of people....just so they could say, "Hey Ghostcrawler, you promised me a pony!".

On the good side, I did see that there are statuses available, shame they forgot the invisible status.


  1. If it takes away the rewarding feeling, just don't use it... why care if other people do? ~_~

  2. This RealID thing smacks of the reason why AOL became tedious. Logging into AOL (before a separate AIM was created) was a hassle when you just wanted to check your mail or surf quietly undisturbed. There was no chance and anyone on your buddy's list could see you just logged in. I felt hunted and watched. The 2nd I logged in, i would get several IMs - it became so bothersome, I finally had to create a new account. Now people can see your rl name? Micro-management is never good - why would Blizzard think otherwise in a GAME!? This is a huge mistake and no idea why they couldn't just tie it into your characters of your choosing and allow rl names at your discretion. And yea, not being able to log in invisible was a horrible oversight. I don't understand Blizzard's take on this - did Mark Zuckerberg get his hands in this one? /shakes head in bewilderment.